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Randall Isaacson

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Randy’s marketing experience includes all things health related, including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, healthcare technology and services aimed at both professional and consumer audiences.

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  • What Should Pharma Really Sell? in Marketing: Health on 12/16/2016

    Rosuvastatin, imatinib, sitagliptin-just a few of the magical molecules worth billions of dollars in sales over the last few years. Many of us are thankful for these life-changers, but we've also seen duds whose performances haven't matched their promises. Change is underway in the U.S. healthcare system, and it doesn't matter if you voted red or blue-we all deserve affordable, quality care. It's no longer about selling the magical molecule, and lower drug prices aren't a gateway to better care either.

  • Is 'Health System Thinking' The Future Of Healthcare Marketing? in Marketing: Health on 03/18/2016

    Once upon a time, a smartly dressed sales representative pulled out a cleverly designed sales aid and sat with a doctor to describe the features and benefits of an amazing new product. The doctor was impressed with the presentation, or at least liked the representative enough to write a prescription for her product. Mission accomplished! While this was once a fairly accurate description of how we marketed healthcare products, it's now just a fairy tale.

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  • What Should Pharma Really Sell? by Randy Isaacson (Marketing: Health on 12/16/2016)

    Thanks for the comment Paula. You're actually hitting on a major change underway -- greater healthcare consumerism (different from "direct-to-consumer" advertising). I think there are more choices/more competition than many people are aware of, but when it comes to healthcare, we probably know more about the computer we bought than the drug we're taking or doctor we're seeing. But as we all take on more responsibility for our health and costs (i.e., premiums, deductibles, FSAs, HSAs, etc.), we need to demand more transparency, information/education, service and quality. All for the better.

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