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Jeffrey Smith

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Jeff Smith is the Chief Technology Officer of Razorfish Health. In that role, Jeff is responsible for managing all aspects of our technology offering including technical strategy, architecture and development. Having been with Razorfish for over 13 years, Jeff has seen technology evolve rapidly, especially in the healthcare sector. He has overseen the implementation of enterprise experience platform, large scale eCommerce systems and complex mobile apps. Most recently Jeff led the effort to certify Razorfish Health as a HIPPA compliant digital agency.

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  • Healthcare Needs To Embrace Experience Management Platforms in Marketing: Health on 04/15/2016

    Digital marketing in healthcare organizations has historically lagged behind other industries. Over the past two decades, we have seen a steady rise in the complexity of digital marketing from the variety of devices to the complexity of application interfaces. More recently, devices have gained capabilities. We've seen specialty devices, such as Fitbit and other wearables become popular, creating an explosion of personal data to drive personalized experiences. Despite this growth, it's the non-healthcare companies who have capitalized on these trends - and healthcare has lagged behind.

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