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Jordie van Rijn

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  • Top Dogs: Most Emailers Think They're Beating Their Competitors by Ray Schultz (Email Insider on 09/12/2017)

    So sorry to be the one to tell you Ray, but your logic is flawed. More than half CAN be successful in beating their competition. Say we have a market of widgets. With one big player: MegaWidget and 99 smaller ones. Everybody sees MegaWidget as their Main competitor, and they all might still be doing better. In that case, 99% of the marketers are doing better than their competitor. 

  • Random Messiness: Time To Add Some To Your Email Marketing Program? by Loren McDonald (Email Insider on 07/28/2016)

     “I'd rather be a little weird than all boring.” Nice article Loren, I believe that what you describe is exactly what some would need to spice things up. Not only on the side of the sender, but also your audience likes to see  variance.  I especially liked your idea of moving the header/nav below the first CTA. Great idea for a test.  :) Added it to my <a ref="">email test ideas collection</a> (number #165) 

  • Three Messages That Kill Deliverability by George Bilbrey (Email Insider on 08/29/2012)

    Why do people complain or press spam when faced with a welcome email? Two reasons: 1 They don't know or recognize your brand 2. They didn't want the email. It’s not the welcome email that does it, the same would be true for any first email that would be sent. A welcome email or a welcome series is a big opportunity to maximize both factors (recognition and managing expectations / highlighting benefits). I believe the welcome email getting an unfair bad light in this article from the nature of the welcome email being one of the first emails. A welcome email wont kill deliverability.

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