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Jason Brandt Harris

Member since May 2016

Hailing from the desert of Arizona, by way of multiple excursions to Central America and Europe, I've learned a lot from my time in NYC. From brand and agency high-impact creative executions and buy-side ad servers to publisher monetization via RTB exchanges and SSP solutions, I've found my way into the content-rich core of publisher video editorial. At Wochit, our team strives to empower storytellers spanning the globe to proclaim the facts and each journalist's unique perspective in highly-expressive moving images, text, sound, and graphics through our video creation technology. In the cloud, with licensed media, and a boatload of editing functions, with the Wochit platform you can create a video and publish online within minutes. Outside of that endeavor, you can find me on a mic with a guitar hanging over my shoulder, riding a board - be it upon wave, mountain, or street, or enjoying the finer things in life with family and friends in Brooklyn.

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  • Is Motivating Teen Interaction like Herding Cats? Not if you've got the right CTAs in Engage:Teens on 08/04/2016

    Ask any parent today and they'll likely tell you how hard it is to get a teenager to do anything. One could argue that this is hardly unique to this particular generation of teenagers, but rather, part of the universal adolescent experience.

  • When Views Mean Less, Engagement Matters More in Engage:Teens on 07/07/2016

    For a long time, online marketers' favorite success metric was number of views. It's a fairly easy thing to measure, it's instantly available and readily understandable. The assumption was that getting a lot of views meant your content or ad was good and your message was getting through. As the web and its consumers have evolved, we've learned that's not necessarily the case.

  • How Gen Z Made Me Stop Worrying And Learn To Love Vertical Video  in Engage:Teens on 06/02/2016

    Not so long ago, one of the most cringe-inducing things you could do was to share a vertically shot video. You know, these much-maligned monstrosities displayed on our standard, horizontally oriented screens with unsightly, visual-frame-consuming black bars around a teeny-tiny video that was as hard to see as it was annoying.

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