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Clark Goolsby

Member since August 2016Contact Clark

Over the last seventeen years Clark has worked in a variety of fields within the creative industry and has been an integral part of the Chase team since 2007. With experience in print, multimedia, and illustration, Clark brings a unique breadth of skills and insightful strategic thinking to Chase Design Group. A natural creative leader with a penchant for innovation and a “question everything” approach to design, Clark has helped some of the world’s largest brands, as well as grass-roots start-ups, achieve their goals.

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  • Go Big Or Go Home: How Small Brands Can Make It Big in Marketing: CPG on 05/31/2017

    Everyone likes an underdog story. As consumers increasingly choose products and brands that are unique or differentiated, small brands can have a definitive advantage. Taking on the food giants that dominate the CPG landscape may once have seemed like a David and Goliath challenge, but that story doesn't ring true today as consumers of all demographics seek out brands that signify quality, uniqueness and choice.

  • Own Your Space On The Shelf: Creating Brand Block With A Multi-Color Brand Palette  in Marketing: CPG on 08/31/2016

    When devising a package design strategy, truly owning a single brand color is one of the loftiest goals for CPG brands. On the surface, this seems to be the easiest way to create a brand block at shelf and stand out against the competition. But, employing a single color approach is not without its challenges. Introducing new product extensions and making clearly differentiated variants within a complex offering easier to navigate at shelf are more difficult with this strategy.

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