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Ken Sahlin

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Ken is proud of the DOmedia team and if you ask him, he simply says he just "facilitates" their success. Whatever you call it, he’s pretty gosh-darn good at it. He has always had a knack for finding ways to help people see opportunity in challenges and develop new approaches to solving business problems. Whether he is working with customers, marketers, accountants, Teamsters, programmers, C-level management or their admins, he can "read the tea leaves" and put the pieces together to make a plan work! Ken began his career in the CPG industry in distribution and logistics and then progressed to merchandising $50M in category sales with one of New England’s leading grocery retailers. How do you make a leap like that? By listening, learning and working smarter with information systems to grow revenue and profits. He also learned it's easier if you work well with and develop deep relationships with sales partners. It was one of those sales partners that gave Ken his first sales position where he developed unique customer programs in a commoditized industry that grew sales and got him promoted to regional and corporate sales management positions. Just as he loves coaching baseball, building a team and putting them in the right position for each opportunity is what he finds most rewarding in what he does. Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, Ken’s foray into the wonderful world of out-of-home and alternative media began when he helped launch Dynamic Media Group back in 2003. A friend said he needed help "cracking the code" on selling ads on moving vehicles and that was a unique enough challenge to catch his attention. Based upon those experiences, along with NCT Ventures prior expertise with "marketplaces", the idea for DOmedia was born and he has been working on it ever since. Having graduated from Purdue with an engineering degree, he is a minority in an office full of Buckeyes, but that doesn’t dissuade him from touting the occasional Boilermaker upset!

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  • Is Marijuana Advertising Going Mainstream? in MediaDailyNews on 09/11/2018

    Constellation Brands Inc. announced an investment of nearly $4 billion into Canadian marijuana grower Canopy Growth Corp, the largest publicly traded marijuana company. It could have a big impact on the OOH world.

  • The Data Revolution Is Changing OOH in MediaDailyNews on 03/02/2018

    Marketers are moving away from thinking about channels and more about the consumers' journey and location. While being agnostic about the medium is helpful in planning, the marriage of data and OOH can be a powerful force - a less intrusive, more targeted way of reaching customers.

  • OOH On Path To Programmatic, But False Claims Could Derail Progress  in Real-Time Daily on 09/06/2016

    Workflow automation tools have fueled 22 consecutive quarters of growth in OOH. However, most OOH buys are still based on asset locations, not the location-agnostic impressions that define programmatic buying. So, it is deeply troubling to see firms undermine the progress in OOH -- and risk the trust of agencies and brands -- by saying they offer programmatic solutions.

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