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Dwight Ringdahl

Member since September 2016Contact Dwight

  • SVP Technology RhythmOne
  • Temple Georgia
  • 30179 USA

Dwight Ringdahl is the Senior Vice President, Technology at RhythmOne, responsible for leading the engineering team across the enterprise to help drive the growth of RhythmOne's programmatic trading capabilities. Ringdahl has over 25 years' experience in software and hardware engineering, product development, advertising technology and advanced R&D. He is an accomplished executive and entrepreneur, building and selling several companies. An engineer by training, Dwight served nearly 10 years in the US Air Force, and graduated CCAF with a degree in Air Crew Rescue and Survival, with a Chemical Engineering Major.

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  • New Formats, Standards Straining Bounds Of Cloud Infrastructure  in Real-Time Daily on 09/28/2016

    The advertising ecosystem has evolved rapidly in a really short period of time. It's transformed from an opaque landscape of automated display executions to an increasingly transparent and policed ecosystem of dynamically rendering ads, both immediately viewable and verified from the moment a bid is placed. The requirements of this new ecosystem have placed new demands on the underlying hardware infrastructure. Now more than ever, players throughout the ad-tech ecosystem are going to have to take a hard look at their hardware. They may not like what they find.

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