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Linda Gonzalez

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  • Latino's Record Voter Turnout May Decide The Election in Engage:Hispanics on 11/08/2016

    After years of explosive demographic growth, Latinos are not only defining the trends and culture of today's new American mainstream, but they are now in the unique position to decide this election. As a marketing association, we have seen how getting Hispanic marketing right can make or break a business's ROI, and it is the same in politics. The Hispanic impact is on the mind of every CMO today, and organizations - political or otherwise - that wish to stay viable need to understand their audience and what's important to them, identify the right ambassadors and connect authentically where they are.

  • Diversity Is A Good Start But ... in Marketing Daily on 10/18/2016

    You need a specialist, you need a champion, and you need the right executive at the right level to navigate both internal and external strategies.

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  • Hispanic Facts In 2017 by Jose Villa (Engage:Hispanics on 09/18/2017)

    On behalf of AHAA: The Voice of Hispanic Marketing, we disagree with Jose's conclusion that Hispanic TV network viewership is on the decline. In truth, declining rates of TV viewership are part of a national trend due to the proliferation of digital and streaming options. It's not that people aren't watching network TV - they're just watching it on demand, or on their smartphone or tablets. This is why we devoted the introduction of our AHAA Hispanic Media Guide to exploring complex digital behavior in Hispanics. For example, according to comScore, Hispanic Millennials are 133% more likely to watch TV online, and Hispanic Affluent smartphone users are 74% more likely to watch TV online. Hispanics aren't watching less TV or even less Spanish-language TV -- they're just watching it elsewhere, capitalizing on on-demand, digital offerings. That's why we predict online video advertising will double, making it a $14 billion industry by 2019. The key takeaway is, always make sure the data is put in proper context before making sweeping claims about an industry.    

  • Why Brands Still Don't Have A True Hispanic Marketing Strategy by Erin Conrad (Engage:Hispanics on 02/23/2016)

    On behalf of AHAA: The Voice of Hispanic Marketing, we agree with Ms. Conrad's assessment that limiting Hispanic marketing to Spanish-language efforts or utilizing an incorrect implementation of Total Market as a cost-cutting approach completely misses the mark. That's why, AHAA, in partnership with the Association of National Advertisers, defines Total Market as a strategy leading with messaging based on target audiences' universal truths COUPLED WITH segmented approaches that address cultural nuances. Without individual campaigns that extend overarching messages in culturally relevant ways, campaigns will fall flat. We share Ms. Conrad's hope that as more categories and brands see the positive impact on corporate revenue growth that Hispanic marketing can generate, more will come on board implementing a genuine Total Market approach.Linda L GonzalezChairman, AHAAPresident, Viva Partnership

  • Maximizing The Path To Participation In Clinical Research by Neil Weisman (Marketing: Health on 03/22/2011)

    Neil: Great article and very valuable information. I really like the way you laid out the challenges and provided solutions. Clinical research companies are sure to find this article interesting and highly applicable to their business. Having worked for both pharmaceutical companies as well as a clinical research company, I understand the challenge of recruitment AND retention. My company's area of expertise is in Hispanic marketing and there is a clear difference in the Hispanic path and barriers when compared to the general market, especially when it comes to clinical trials. For example, though the primary contact may be similar to the non-Hispanic participant (i.e.TV) , his secondary and subsequent contacts are much less likely to be via online. As the U.S. becomes more multicultural, developing various Multicultural Paths to Participation would help enroll and keep volunteers participating throughout the trial. Have you considered that?

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