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Scott O'Neill

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Scott is a strategic and media technology professional with over ten years of U.S. & U.K. client service and leadership experience. As Senior Vice President of North America for MPP Global, Scott is responsible for leading a cross vertical organization by assisting media and entertainment companies with identity management, CRM, and eCommerce solutions. Over the past three years, Scott has worked at the executive level for MPP Global's U.S. headquarters in New York and is influential in developing long-term relationships with strategic partners. With a broad understanding of digital market dynamics, business challenges, and technology capabilities, Scott is a proven leader in fast growing B2B enterprise software applications. His team brought market-leading products, software, and services to projects including Winnipeg Free Press’ micropayments strategy. Scott has delivered his leadership and innovative vision of digital content monetization to publishers, newspapers, magazines, broadcasters, Pay TV operators and TV Networks across the globe. He enjoys working with new technology that creates outstanding customer experiences to drive engagement, revenue, and ROI. These ventures, in turn, generated hundreds of greatly valued commercial relationships, not to mention numerous new industry and personal friendships.

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  • Data Targeting And Privacy: Mortal Enemies Or Unlikely Friends? in Real-Time Daily on 03/22/2017

    Some people think privacy is a luxury commodity. That shouldn't be the case. Data collection affords many benefits, primarily to consumers. When companies know who they're talking to, people get better experiences over time, and even privacy pundits recognize and benefit from this fact. This isn't hypocrisy on anyone's part. It stems from confusion about what it means to respect privacy while using data effectively. To do that well, it's critical to understand a few things about what behavioral targeting and anonymity really mean, and how they work together.

  • Free? Don't Kid Yourself -- How Publishers Have Gotten Smart About Paid Content in Publishers Daily on 10/18/2016

    In this post-paid media world, 40% of millennials personally pay for news. What are they paying for? Below, discover how publications are converting, engaging and retaining today's readers.

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