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Tim Barnes

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Tim Barnes brings valuable industry experience to lead product development and strategy at AudienceScience. Tim is dedicated to developing a product that maximizes value and ROI for AudienceScience's clients. Tim has over 20 years industry experience on both the agency and technology sides of digital advertising. Tim has extensive knowledge of marketing, big data analytics, CRM, and mobile. Prior to joining AudienceScience, Tim was the Chief Product Officer at Placed, a location-driven insights company. He has also held positions at Exchange Applications, Razorfish, Vivaki, and co-founded Fabric Worldwide.

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  • Facebook's Video Measurement Exposes Advertiser Apathy Across Real-time Market in Real-Time Daily on 10/24/2016

    Facebook’s recent revelation -- and subsequent apology -- that it had miscalculated video viewing times over the past two years was a bad piece of PR for a platform that takes great pride in being a leading seller of video. But Facebook has the massive scale that advertiser clamor for, so it will endure bad PR and continue to help brands reach their audience.

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