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Kelsey Meuse

Member since October 2016Contact Kelsey

  • Product Marketing Manager Sizmek
  • Twitter: @kelseymeuse
  • New York New York
  • 10016 USA

I manage product marketing and sales enablement for Sizmek's Dynamic Creative products. Expertise in architecture, design, development and implementation of complex dynamic creative advertising for top-tier advertisers and agencies.

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  • AI Will Empower -- Not Replace -- The Creative Shop in AI & IoT Daily on 11/28/2017

    There is growing concern that AI could have a negative impact on the creative field, not just in terms of output, but on jobs as well. If machines can write ads, why employ full creative departments?

  • Avoid Checklist Mentality When Shopping For Creative Tech in Real-Time Daily on 05/08/2017

    Advertising technology is complicated stuff. The industry adopted numerous abbreviations, acronyms and initialisms to help brands and agencies understand the technology (and to make it easier to sell). While this certainly fostered growth, it also created a "checklist mentality" for marketers looking to tackle digital. They hear about DSPs and DMPs and figure success is merely a matter of getting one of each and checking the boxes, whether or not the technologies actually help their marketing goals. Before marketers add "CMP" to their shopping list and discount other dynamic creative technologies, they need to remember the tools are a means to an end: All decisions should be based on their goals. To help marketers better evaluate dynamic creative solutions, they need to ask the following questions of every vendor:

  • Programmatic Personalization Requires Cross-Functional Collaboration in Real-Time Daily on 01/25/2017

    In recent months, agencies and advertisers across the globe have been increasing their discussions about the future of dynamic creative optimization (DCO) within the growing programmatic media landscape. It appears most are excited to reap the benefits of personalized creative combined with programmatic media, but they are also often frustrated by various factors hindering DCO's adoption.

  • The Struggle To Integrate Programmatic With Creative in Real-Time Daily on 10/26/2016

    While programmatic technology has focused on automating the buying and selling of digital advertising and has assimilated itself with display, video, and even native, it has struggled to integrate with the creative aspect of a modern-day campaign. As a result, programmatic creative is mistakenly used as a synonym for dynamic creative and data-driven creative when in reality it is neither -- and the next big disruption that our industry is facing remains at a standstill.

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