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Jim Tobin

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Jim Tobin is founder and president of Carusele, winner of Small Agency of the Year in the 2017 Shorty Awards. In 2007, Jim also founded Ignite Social Media which was named Social Agency of the Year in 2016. Jim remains CEO. Jim is also author of two books on social media marketing, including 2008's "Social Media is a Cocktail Party," and 2013's "Earn It. Don't Buy It."

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  • 5 Ways CPG Brands Can Measure Influencer Marketing ROI in Marketing: CPG on 06/05/2017

    Consumer packaged goods brands have a significant advantage over many other brands when it comes to measuring influencer marketing. After all, by their very definition, CPG products move off the shelf more quickly than durable goods with the result that sales lift is easier to measure and link to a particular marketing activity.

  • 4 Ways CPG Brands Annoy Their Influencers in Marketing: CPG on 05/01/2017

    As brands increasingly utilize influencer marketing, methodologies begin to vary. Not surprisingly, some CPG brands' approaches are more conducive to great influencer relationships than others. We've run more than 100 influencer programs just in the last few years and there are some consistent areas where brands run into trouble. Here are my top four.

  • For CPG Brands, Influence Isn't In The Name in Marketing: CPG on 04/03/2017

    Chief marketing officers surveyed last year indicated that content marketing was the number one tactic they were relying on going forward. And as CPG brands look at creating content that moves product off shelves, it's a short leap to influencer marketing. The good news is that most brands using influencer marketing today seem happy with the performance, at least according to an eMarketer report that found 48% were increasing influencer budgets while only 4% were decreasing.

  • The Rise of Authentic Influencers in Marketing Daily on 11/11/2016

    How "60 Minutes" got it wrong and why pop notions of influencer marketing are no longer relevant.

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