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Andrew Feigenson

Member since September 2011

  • Vice President The Nielsen Company
  • 770 Broadway
  • New York New York
  • 10003 USA

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  • On-Target Versus Reach: The Digital World Needs Both To Succeed by Andrew Feigenson (MediaDailyNews on 11/21/2016)

    Ed and John, Thanks for your comments. You are clearly very well versed in this area!I'd add that there is a key element underlying your comments - consistency.You have both devised mechanisms for arriving at a reach/frequency number with which you are comfortable. Other people might arrive at it in a different way or even accept the core numbers straight-up. But, regardless of the methodology you or these other people prefer, you've had an ability to test and refine your numbers over time and, based on this experience, to become predictive.When it comes to reach/frequency on targeted audience, the industry still lacks some degree of consistency or predictability. It isn't for lack of desire or talent (we are blessed by a talented set of people in digital media). The problem is the speed with which consumer habits and technologies change, making it tough to predict tomorrow, based ontoday --- and making it hard to create models like you have done for broadcast media. Just wanted to share this one thought, to keep the dialogue going.

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