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John Donahue

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I am a renegade, hacker, and pirate. I am also a seasoned media executive.

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  • People, Not Perishables: Time For The Cookie To Crumble in Real-Time Daily on 12/14/2016

    The cookie has had a good run. The heart of digital marketing for almost 20 years, it is still surprisingly relevant. Earlier this year, eMarketer predicted that programmatic marketing, which depends on cookies, would make up more than two thirds of all digital display, with significant continued growth into 2017. Those predictions are probably not far off. But there is a problem looming, and it's called mobile. The Wall Street Journal reported that not only does mobile Internet access continue to grow, but, for the first time, there's a corresponding decline in time spent on desktop access. The way people are accessing the Internet is changing, and it doesn't bode well for cookies.

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