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Tom Aiello

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One of the foremost experts on marketing and communications to military veterans. A graduate of West Point and the Kellogg Business School, Aiello, himself a disabled vet, is president of MARCH, LLC. Tom has created successful marketing programs for Leo Burnett, and Sears Holdings Corporation. His expertise, fused with military service in the Middle East, creates a unique combination of experience, talent and empathy, which translates well to the military & veteran target audiences.

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  • 6 Things You Need To Know About Veterans, Healthcare In 2017 by Tom Aiello (Marketing: Health on 12/20/2016)

    Paula: The research shows the full range of income for the military veteran population, with different healthcare options (VA, private, non-profit). The bigger opportunity is better helping veterans connect to their best option to streamline healthcare and get them better, faster care. To your point, we have to factor in those high-risk veterans to ensure they do not fall between the cracks... and in addressing their needs, there will be gains made in care for all veterans.

  • 6 Things You Need To Know About Veterans, Healthcare In 2017 by Tom Aiello (Marketing: Health on 12/20/2016)

    Alan: That was included at the end of the article and removed editorially.  That said, we're a mission-based organization focused on "Improving the lives of military and veteran families."  We're proud of the work we do with do in support of this community.  I can assure you there was no mal intent, and will request that get added back in the piece.

  • About Face. Forward March by Paul Jones (Marketing: Causes on 09/03/2013)

    "Commander's Intent" is critical in cause programs. We ran a military veteran cause marketing program, and doubled positive coverage for the client by opportunistically highlighting their veteran employment practices! No part of the original program included this, but it was a clear part of the intent of the program. In the Army, we used Commander's Intent to allow individuals to take the initiative. The same risk/ reward exists in cause marketing if done properly!

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