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Chip Schenck

Member since January 2017Contact Chip

  • VP/Data & Programmatic Solutions Meredith
  • Twitter: @ceschenck
  • New York New York
  • 10022 USA

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  • Who Owns the Consumer? The New Age of Pub-Marketer Data Partnerships  in Publishers Daily on 07/21/2017

    As publishers and brands increasingly harness first-party data to reach more targeted, higher-performing audiences, we're entering a new era in data-driven partnerships: the age of direct sharing between brands and publishers. In this scenario, brands and publishers each share what they know about consumers, co-mingling data to create second-party datasets that are significantly more valuable than third-party datasets, or than either dataset on its own.

  • Publishers, Place Your Bets: Yield Or Preference? in Supply-Side Insider on 03/17/2017

    The rise of header bidding has been championed by publishers as a way to increase control and grow revenue. Server-to-server solutions take the process a step further, promising reduced page latency and increased access to demand. But as header bidding continues to proliferate, publishers are now faced with a new choice: Maximize yield or provide preferential treatment to select advertisers? That is, should publishers continue to use programmatic to maximize RPM, or should they favor their direct advertisers over those bidding in exchanges? Or do they need to strike a balance - and if so, how?

  • Is The CMS The Next Monetization Battleground? in Supply-Side Insider on 01/20/2017

    As publishers seek out new revenue streams, from native advertising and paywalls to mobile apps, live video, and programmatic, first-party data has become increasingly important. Forrester predicted in its trend report that 2016 would be the year publishers take control of their data, and to a large extent, they did. Amid this shift, however, sits an often-neglected element of the publisher ecosystem that could become the next monetization frontier: the content management system, or CMS.

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