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Mike Shaughnessy

Member since February 2017Contact Mike

  • VP Revenue Bauer Xcel Media
  • Westport Connecticut
  • 06880 USA

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  • DigiTrust Empowers Publishers To Answer Advertiser Challenges in Supply-Side Insider on 03/03/2017

    Advertisers are throwing money at Facebook, while publishers fight it out against one another for the leftovers. What's more, publishers rely heavily on Facebook's ecosystem for traffic and revenue, at the risk of ceding their connection with advertisers completely to platforms like Facebook, Google and Amazon, where media buying is easy and scalable. Realistically, publishers must build a series of stairs that can lift them out of their predicament. The right way to safety is to put the pieces in place to connect more transparently to advertisers, and to make it easy for advertisers to buy premium media at scale.

  • How To Choose A Server-Side Programmatic Partner in Supply-Side Insider on 02/03/2017

    When vetting various partners, we considered various criteria, especially fees, features and reporting. Publishers should evaluate partners across these elements and ask probing questions.

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