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Brad Blake

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Brad is Director of Digital Strategy at Hill Holliday, living in Boston with his (almost) equally tall husband and very loyal cat. When not trying to prove that someone over forty can still be hip to how things work on the world wide web, he can be found obsessing over the latest fitness or nutrition trend, acting in plays, or taking classes on everything from welding to tap dancing.

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  • How You Can (And Should) Spend Less Time On Twitter in MAD on 02/20/2017

    I see many marketers struggling to maintain handles they started years ago, spending way too much time filling up content calendars and trying to come up with things to say. Meanwhile, they don't spend nearly as much time on more active established platforms, or testing and learning on newer ones.

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  • How You Can (And Should) Spend Less Time On Twitter by Brad Blake (MAD on 02/20/2017)

    Hey Ted - Thanks for commenting! Love your point on recognizing that it's "not bout how Twitter scales to the general public." I know plenty of people who've never touched Twitter who are certainly well-aware of things being said on it on a regular basis as it's spread through the media and other word of mouth. Before I was in advertising, I ran "new media" for the Massachusetts governor's office. We were the second governor's office on Twitter (Schwarzenneger beat us!) and I remember it was a huge deal when a TV reporter asked us a question directly on Twitter. As much as I'm saying "spend less time on Twitter", I've also pushed for it a lot, too, and have tried to explain that even though you may not see the direct scale in terms of impressions, engagements, etc., there is still that relevant scale. I agree that you shouldn't give up on one thing only to make room for another. I was mostly talking to people at brands who spend a lot of time posting things that aren't seen and aren't driving conversations - just filling up those content calendars because they think they have to, as if there's a whole bunch of people out there who would miss their tweets for a few days if they didn't constantly post. I'd rather see them focusing on fewer, better things that do get that conversation going that you talked about. 

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