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John Derham

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John is Co-founder & Head of Innovative at iQ Media pioneers in real-time TV measurement. Over the years, John has led the company's product evolution from media measurement and monitoring platform to live TV measurement solution. iQ Media is the first and only company to monitor logos and images anywhere they appear on TV (paid and earned), and monitor spoken brand mentions as they happen. A career-long data guru, John has held prestigious positions at companies such as Advanta, Royal Bank of Scotland and JP Morgan Chase. John has also served as assistant coach of the Villanova men’s lacrosse team for the past 15 years.

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  • Spoiler Alert: Do Ad Teasers Trigger Hype Or Give Away The Plot? in Marketing: Sports on 03/15/2017

    This year, we saw a continuing trend in TV advertising: teaser commercials leading up to the Super Bowl. Similar to movie trailers, these 15- to 30-second teasers by brands (like Mr. Clean, Snickers, and Febreze) hinted at their much-anticipated full-length commercials in hopes of building viewer anticipation. But unlike movie trailers, these mini-commercials account for nearly half of the featured spot. Depending on who you ask, these teasers either spoiled the fun or kept viewers wanting more.

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