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Tim Waddell

Member since October 2009

  • Director Adobe
  • 500 East Timanogos
  • Orem Utah
  • 84097 USA

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  • Subject: The Portals Will Perish (Eventually) by Ari Rosenberg (Publishing Insider on 01/07/2010)

    Ari, another gem. Agree on the youth movement and their habits. And email revenue is minor compared to the premium editorial sections like homepage, auto, travel and finance - email programs just fill the behavioral target pools and serve as filler impressions to ad buys. And definitely not sure where the portal ends up. Too many default settings and need for tabloid content out there. But throwing the boomers at us in the last sentence as the demise of the portals? That's like throwing the slider on a 3-2 count. I'd like a more concrete prediction from someone of your status - I want a month and a year when this end ;-) See you soon.

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