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Richard Wolff

Member since September 2017

  • COO and managing director Javelin Group, part of Accenture Strategy

Richard Wolff is COO of Javelin Group, part of Accenture Strategy. He has more than 25 years of experience in the Retail industry, and specializes in helping leading retailers and consumer brands with their digital and omni-channel retail strategies, including organization, customer experience, international expansion and business transformation.

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  • Fashion Brands That Snub Multi-Brand E-tailing Do So At Their Own Peril in Marketing: CPG on 09/29/2017

    Once, exclusivity was a viable marketing option for fashion brands. Mono-retail distribution strategies were attractive because they offered companies complete control over how their goods were marketed. Today, however, fashion retailers have little choice but to broaden their distribution strategies if they are to survive.

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