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Alexander Kesler

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Alexander is a visionary B2B digital marketer with over 15 years of experience. Focusing on solutions for B2B demand generation, digital marketing, ABM, Intent and AI driven lead generation, among others, Alexander embraces innovation and turns concepts and methodologies into products and programs that drive ROI. As founder and president of INFUSEmedia, a data-driven B2B demand generation engine, Alexander leads a global team that executes campaigns across all industries and company sizes. He leverages his market knowledge and industry expertise to help his team deploy a suite of innovative offerings and campaigns that deliver revenue growth for over 400 clients. Always on the pulse of digital marketing, Alexander created the Conversion Architecture system, a website design methodology that addresses the needs of every possible user type to increase the likelihood that a site visitor will take action and convert into a lead. Additionally, he frequently contributes to a variety of trade and vertical publications. A graduate of Babson College, Alexander earned a B.S. in entrepreneurship.

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  • Traditional Marketing Automation Is Shortchanging Its Customers in Marketing Insider on 10/16/2017

    Marketing automation makes it easy for companies to streamline certain repetitive marketing tasks like emails and social media. However, many traditional marketing automation models only allow for email nurturing, which ends up shortchanging your customers by not allowing for the type of nurturing they need to really connect with your business and make a purchasing decision.

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