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Ken Markus

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Ken Markus leads Innovid’s Global Operations and Client Services team including account management, ad operations, creative production, and quality assurance. Previously at Google, he led the Global Operations and Scaling team for all buyside products, including DoubleClick. Ken has worked in digital media and advertising for more than 15 years, in roles as an engineer, product manager, operations and services lead. Within DoubleClick he led services teams responsible for global clients and campaigns across the spectrum of verticals including P&G, Apple, and Warner Brothers.

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  • Why Time Earned Should Be Video's New Standard in Digital News Daily on 12/18/2017

    Digital video continues to grow and evolve in the digital advertising landscape at an exponential rate. According to eMarketer, U.S. marketers will spend on average more than $9 million on digital and mobile video advertising in 2017. Unfortunately, however, the metrics by which we evaluate the performance of these campaigns trails far behind in innovation.

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  • Why Time Earned Should Be Video's New Standard by Ken Markus (Digital News Daily on 12/18/2017)

    Dear John - Thank you for reading and the comments! When 'plays' are considered without thought of duration, that is indeed folly, a folly that is, unfortunately, all too common. Duration weighting should make a big difference.Ad content may remain fixed, in that much of the ideation and creative requires significant upfront efforts. Nowadays with interactive and data-driven dynamism the ad content may be much more directed, and individual experiences can vary significantly.

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