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David Gosen

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David Gosen is General Manager, EMEA, where he is responsible for Sizmek’s strategy and growth across the region. Before Sizmek’s acquisition of Rocket Fuel, he ran its global SaaS platform and led the international commercial and operations teams for all markets outside the United States. Prior to Rocket Fuel, David’s positions included CEO of Nektan Plc, a publicly listed online casino business, and Managing Director of Nielsen’s digital, online, and mobile effectiveness practice. He spent more than 10 years in the video gaming industry as Managing Director of Nintendo of Europe, VP of Xbox Europe at Microsoft, and CEO of VC-backed I-play Mobile Gaming. His successes have been fueled by that life-changing moment in 1981 when he saw “The Boss” perform live—and like Springsteen, David knew that he was always “born to run.”

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