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Wednesday, September 20, 2017
  • Outlook Is Back Up After European Outage

    The problem, which began on Monday, affected Outlook accounts, which also include Hotmail and Windows Live Hotmail accounts. Read the whole story

  • Hardly Second Best: Email Is Strong No. 2 In Event Marketing

    Email remains the second medium of choice for both event marketers and attendees. Read the whole story

  • Uber Files Lawsuit Against Fetch Media For Ad Fraud

    Uber Technologies has filed a lawsuit against Fetch Media, a Dentsu-owned UK company, alleging the mobile ad agency misrepresented the effectiveness of its mobile ... Read the whole story

  • I, Robot....

    In the year 1942, science fiction writer Isaac Asimov introduced the Three Rules of Robotics in his collection of short stories, "I, Robot." Asimov ... Read the whole story