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Jeff White

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Jeff White is the founder and chief executive officer of Gravy Analytics. Prior to founding Gravy, he founded several companies and led them to successful exits. These companies include mySBX (sold to Deltek in 2009) and Blue Canopy (sold to a private investment firm in 2007). Jeff has over two decades of experience leading successful companies and was awarded the D.C. Technology Entrepreneur of the Year in 2011.

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  • The Billboard Is Back: The Renewal Of OOH Advertising in Marketing Insider on 05/09/2018

    Billboards are having a serious moment right now. Netflix recently announced it's offering $300 million for the acquisition of an L.A. billboard company, sparking renewed interest in what could be called "old school" out-of-home (OOH) advertising. As the worlds of offline and digital marketing blur, billboards could become a powerful channel for media companies like Netflix, and other brands - especially those that use data-informed insights to perfectly match the billboard's content and location.

  • What Advertisers Can Learn From Super Bowl 2018 in Marketing Insider on 02/22/2018

    The number of Super Bowl LII viewers slipped to 103.4 million viewers, 7% lower than the number of last year's viewers. Add to this the fact that the average NFL viewer skews older and older as millennials lose interest in the game. So how can brands be so sure they're actually reaching their target consumers during the Big Game? In this era of ad-free streaming services and ad-skipping DVRs - not to mention budget spends upwards of $5 million for these flashy TV ads - are marketers really putting their money to good use?

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