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Courtney Beasley

Member since February 2018Contact Courtney

  • Director of Marketing Walker Sands
  • Chicago Illinois
  • 60605 USA

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  • The Key To Sales And Marketing Alignment in Marketing Insider on 06/07/2018

    Sales and marketing departments have a reputation for not playing together. Although they recognize they're on the same team, each department focuses on its own piece of the business rather than working together to achieve shared goals.

  • 3 Trends Driving Marketing Spending In 2018 in Marketing Insider on 02/26/2018

    Marketing spend is on the rise, with 61% of marketing decision makers planning to increase spending on content creation and 57% on digital marketing in 2018 alone. In the ever-changing marketing game, tactics are always evolving. Here are three key trends that will drive marketing efforts in 2018.

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