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David Sendroff

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Acknowledged as one of the world’s leading advertising fraud detection experts, David started Forensiq in 2010 and has been working in the technology space for nearly 20 years. Forensiq was acquired by Impact in 2016. Prior to Forensiq, David was the CIO of Spire Vision (now part of Zeta Global), a marketing firm that he grew from startup through acquisition. David is passionate about eliminating fraud in the online advertising and e-commerce ecosystem.

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  • The Limits Of Ads.txt As A Fraud-Fighting Tool in Marketing Insider on 03/20/2018

    The IAB's Ads.txt initiative is a worthwhile endeavor in helping advertisers ensure that they are only buying ad inventory from the publishers they intend to. Of particular note is just how successful the push for Ads.txt adoption has been thus far, with soaring adoption rates and some trade groups going so far as to say that Ads.txt adoption will be the only way to receive certain certifications.

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