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Evan Snively

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Evan is a Loyalty Strategist for Maritz Motivation Solutions. In his role, he works with brands to help them strengthen their relationship with consumers beyond the transaction. Evan is loyal to a number of brands, including Spotify, Patagonia, and any restaurant that serves a good sweet tea. He has a degree in economics from Loyola Marymount University and currently lives in St. Louis, MO with his wife, two sons, and Great Dane.

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  • 4 Tips For Reaching Millennial HENRYs in Marketing Insider on 03/28/2018

    Millennials are approaching brand loyalty differently. They evaluate mission statements carefully. Cash rewards are less enticing. Experiences are more motivating. And once aligned to a brand, they are more resistant to competitors' offers. According to new research we conducted with The Wise Marketer, 38% of Millennials buy exclusively from their preferred brands versus only 24% of Boomers who are as loyal.

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  • U.S. Hispanics And The Beer Industry by Parker Morse (Marketing Insider on 05/14/2018)

    The majority of craft breweries are focused on establishing a consistent brand identity which reflects in the style of beers they brew. Not to say that they can't one-off a Mexican-style seasonal, but expecting a craft brewery to nail a recipe outside of their core competancy that generates enough demand to warrant distribution off-premises is a tall ask and might actually be unwanted as it could be "off-brand". Additionally not all cities have the demographical make up where taking such a targeted position would make good business sense which is why macros certainly have an advantage at reaching this market as they can establish a single beers brand identity and then spread the marketing and risk.  

  • 4 Tips For Reaching Millennial HENRYs by Evan Snively (Marketing Insider on 03/28/2018)

    Ron, you are correct. This article is focused on the broader consumer marketplace, not specific to the niche luxury market. However, while Millennial HENRYs are not quite the target market for true luxury brands, I would not deter a luxury brand from exposing their marketing messaging to this demographic now, as they are wired with an aspirational mindset and have the highest probability of reaching the ultra-affluent stage within the next 10 years. The same cannot be said for Gen X and to a larger degree Boomer HENRYs as the later in the game it gets, the less likely that ascendance to the top becomes.

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