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John Larson

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John Larson is the senior partner at John Larson & Company. Prior to starting his own firm, John held positions at McKinsey & Co., Monitor Company, Lieberman Research Worldwide, and J.D. Power and Associates, specializing in the areas of strategic analysis, organizational effectiveness, and customer satisfaction and loyalty. John uses survey research techniques to help clients develop a better understanding of the needs of their customers, assess how well these are currently being met in the market place, and then target opportunities to create long term competitive advantage. He has worked with clients to address the specific organizational barriers that can impede effective implementation. These engagements have been conducted across a broad spectrum of different industries, including office products, consumer electronics retailing, industrial chemicals, healthcare, consumer and business banking, medical devices, telecommunications, cable television, retail stock brokerage, pharmaceuticals, truck stops, quick-service restaurants, grocery stores, commercial finance, residential real estate, and hotels.

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