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JT Bricker

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As VP of Strategy, JT leads teams in helping clients design and execute actionable marketing and sales strategies and impactful execution that drive revenue growth and profitability.

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  • Your First Day As CMO: 3 Strategic Steps To Take by JT Bricker (Marketing Insider on 08/10/2018)

    Thank you Denyse.I totally agree that "proving thier value" is one of the, if not the, biggest challenge CMOs face today. We too often help our clients do just that by way of strategic alignment and attribution. A CMO, or any marketer really, has to demonstrate 2 main things. That what they are doing is driving revenue and that the results are aligned with the objectives of the organization.I believe the alignment piece is often overlooked in favor of just driving results at any level when those results might not matter to the business. You have to both do the right things (strategy) and do things right (execution). More thoughts here

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