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Krishna Subramanian

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  • Madison Avenue Backs Google-AdMob Deal by Mark Walsh (Online Media Daily on 11/09/2009)

    It is highly likely that this will only encourage more online Web advertisers to move more aggressively into the mobile advertising space in order to keep pace with Google. Just as there are many winners in the Web space, there will be multiple winners in the mobile space!

  • To App Or Not To App: A Report Offers Guidance by Mark Walsh (Online Media Daily on 05/11/2009)

    Many brands are taking a two pronged approach at the App Store: offering both a paid and free app which opens the door to two different audiences. DreamWorks ran a successful iPhone app campaign by launching both a free and paid app shortly before the movie released. The lite version of the app increased distribution with many more downloads but helped drive adoption to the premium paid version. Unlike the Papa Johns App, Monsters vs Aliens is a true iPhone app - extremely engaging, highly interactive, and leverages the features of the iPhone – all important factors in creating a highly successful iPhone app campaign.

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