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  • Trust Me, You'll Want to Ask These 5 Privacy Questions About Your TV Data in MediaDailyNews on 10/10/2018

    It's certainly not 2014 anymore. We're living in a time when just four years ago can feel like, "back then." And, back then, our understanding of TV data was still in its infancy. TV data is now more widely available than ever before, but we're learning that not all TV data is created equal. For instance, there are quality differences in accuracy, timeliness, breadth, and depth of the data. Set-top box-based (STB) TV data is generally more accurate than Automatic Content Recognition (ACR)-based TV data (due to false positives with concurrent broadcasts or advertisements). ACR-based TV data is typically timelier than STB-based TV data (near real-time versus typically next day). STB-based TV data has better breadth (more local market channels) and depth (more accurate DVR-playback and potentially Video-on-Demand data).

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