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Stephanie Beran Sanderson

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An optimistic ENFP with a passion for audio, partnerships and innovation. I connect people and things and ideas. Creating branded podcasts.

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  • How to Survive Election Season in MAD on 12/31/2019

    Clutter. Competing voices on every platform imaginable for their message to be heard. Every four years, election season chaos washes over us like an unexpected tsunami.

  • Should You Launch A Branded Podcast? in MediaDailyNews on 04/23/2019

    It takes more than a show's existence to prove success - just like in any medium. Creating a podcast is like creating any piece of content. Build it thoughtfully and promote it well, and the audience will come.

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  • The Dilemma Of The Middle-Aged Marketer by Gord Hotchkiss (Media Insider on 07/30/2019)

    Wow, Gord, way to tap into my own vulnerabilty today. Every time I think of this, I end up with, "what would I do instead?"Since you're asking... My why comes in the form of helping entities - people, products, organizations - deliver on their own purpose and their why (ultimately to drive sales or awareness or reputation - gotta love consumerism!). Some may say that other careers could fulfill this just as well... but then I come back to the what and who of the job. Those are generally fun, creative, energizing, inspiring... and most days, that's enough!So I remain, just another middle-aged marketer - by choice. 

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