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Alex Giannikoulis

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Alex Giannikoulis is the Founder of Ivee, a mobility marketing startup in Chicago and LA. As a former General Partner with Graphene Ventures - which invested in Snap, Lyft, Zum, and B8ta among others - Alex has developed expertise with Mobility as a Service and experiential marketing. As a Steering Committee Member of the Illinois Autonomous Vehicle Association, he helped establish Illinois' first AV association. He has also been a mentor with TechStars Mobility, where he mentored a select number of start-ups on product market fit & growth tactics.

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  • The New Backseat: How Mobility Evolution Will Open Doors for Marketers by Alex Giannikoulis (Marketing Insider on 04/26/2019)

    Kirk, thanks for your comment.  The excitement about self-driving cars has grown because the technology is already working - with over 10M miles of real-world travel to date.  And, because state and federal governments have created legal frameworks for AVs to exist. People that like driving will still be able to do so.  But when driving is a burden (i.e. congested commuting), people will gladly rely on self-driving cars.

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