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Maria is an award-winning advertising and marketing executive, who received the prestigious AdColor Innovator Award in 2009 for her groundbreaking segmentation work with Latinx. Today, she leads 9thWonder's Consumer X offering which targets consumers that hide in plain sight, yet drive exponential revenue and fandom for brands. Maria has 25+ years of experience across the marketing ecosystem (agency, brand and media), and across all media platforms. She has deep B2B and B2C marketing acumen of both general market and multicultural consumers and has worked for a plethora of organizations and brands including Verizon Wireless; Microsoft; Visa; Chrysler; and, Subway, to name a few. She was at the forefront of digital emergence and is recognized as an authority on marketing to Latinx across acculturation levels. Maria is bilingual and bicultural and holds a B.A degree in Psychology and an M.A. in Mass Communications, with a specialty in Film and Television.

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  • Marketers Are Missing The Bidirectional Toggle by Maria Twena (Marketing Insider on 01/21/2020)

    Thanks for your question Marcelo. According to Pew Hispanic, multigenerational living has rebounded in recent decades.This type of household is defined as including two or more adult generaitons, or including grandparents and grandchildren younger than 25. According to 2016 ACS (IPUMS) 27% of Hispanic families live in multigenerational households vs. 16% for White population. Hope this helps.

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