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William Durrant

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President & MD at exverus Media.

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  • Social Commerce: Too Big to Fail? in Marketing Insider on 07/20/2023

    Were you surprised when Instagram removed the Shops logo from its homepage? Did Meta's step back mean all the talk about ecommerce was just hype?

  • Why Performance Media No Longer Works in MAD on 06/17/2022

    The truth is that all media can be correlated to sales without sacrificing a brand's story. How? With the right measurement solution, even TV can now be linked to conversions like site traffic, leads and searches. Outdoor billboards, now digitally enabled and synced with mobile phone location data, can measurably lift website traffic or even retail foot traffic. Even the fast-growing medium of social or influencer content is being mapped to direct sales.

  • How To Prepare For CPG's Post-Quarantine Renaissance in MediaDailyNews on 03/03/2022

    It's time to build a new marketing foundation and get creative again. Here are five things CPG marketers need to focus on to get ahead of the competition in 2022.

  • The Future is Here: Innovations Your Brand Can Use Today (And Others Getting Closer) in MAD on 01/28/2020

    While we're celebrating technology that's not yet ready for prime time, we just might be overlooking technologies that could start driving results for you tomorrow.

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