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Rob Davis

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Rob is a 25-year veteran of the agency world, holding senior positions at Leo Burnett and Starcom prior to coming to NOVUS. He has worked with dozens of leading brands, including Walgreen’s, Wendy’s, American Signature Furniture, Staples and many more. He has shepherded billions of dollars worth of strategic investments across video, audio, digital, and print. Rob has extensive experience working with local and hyper local retail clients including regional grocers and beer distributors. He is known as an agent of change, helping reshape the agency as well as individual accounts and positioning for the future.

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  • How To Stop Selling To People Who Will Never Buy by Rob Davis (Marketing Insider on 07/27/2020)

    Thanks for the perspective, Ed.  To further clarify, my main point is that when you calculate CPM based only on people who live/work within a realistic distance of a physical store (instead of the entire population of a DMA), it completely changes the CPM math. This holds true even when buying the exact same show locally as nationally. When you remove the "phantom" national impressions that are predominantly reaching people who will never visit said store from the national CPM calc, suddenly national doesn't look as efficient (usually).  I agree the tools like local ratings are also lacking in the industry, which is why we've invested in our own sub-DMA level ROI modeling tools-- to skip ratings altogether and focus on what clients really care about, which is sales response.  

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