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Nicole Garberg

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A seasoned customer experience professional providing insights and consultative services to internal and external clients for over two decades. My work spans many industries including health care, health insurance, luxury retail, financial services, automotive and construction. Throughout my career I've been both a client and supplier of customer experience insights and research. As a client, I spent the early part of my career in healthcare advising internal stakeholders from product managers to the executive suite at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of MN and UnitedHealth Groups' Optum Insights and Optum Corporate. More recently, I have held consulting positions at global firms GfK and Ipsos. Presently, I lead the CX practice for Big Village (formerly Engine Insights and ORC). I help clients modernize their CX programs and improve overall experience by providing consultation and strategic action plans that achieve business objectives and advance customer centricity. My academic training is in human behavior obtaining a MS in Experimental Psychology from Central Michigan University and BA degrees in Psychology and Sociology from the University of St. Thomas.

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  • How To Optimize Your Brand's Customer Experience by Nicole Garberg (Marketing Insider on 11/19/2020)

    Jonathan, I agree that the customer service or support a brand provides leaves an overall impression on customers. The struggle we see brands encounter most often is finding an acceptable balance between providing the right information in a way that serves their customers and fits within organizational budgets. As we continue to see a shift in consumer desire toward self-serve or automated customer service, it is important for organizations to realize that not everyone wants to interact with a chat bot, IVR system or search a website for the brand’s FAQ page. Having a live representative available to answer queries is not always the easiest financial solution but does express a level of customer value that differentiates those brands that are willing and able to provide this level of support. At ENGINE, we help organizations identify pain-points, like those you raise, to improve customer and potential customer experience as well as perceived brand reputation and value. Identifying customer pain-points is always the critical first step on the path to a solution that benefits the customer and the brand.

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