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PJ Leary

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CEO Assurance, ID Comms

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  • The Next Generation Audit in MAD on 10/02/2020

    The way we measure the performance of ad campaigns has to change if it is to become more useful for advertisers. There are a host of reasons that are driving change in our sector but the principle ones are that the product of traditional auditing is too dull and backward looking.

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  • The Next Generation Audit by PJ Leary (MAD on 10/02/2020)

    Thanks, Ed. Part of the challenge is to make the audit output relevant, actionable and focused enough to gain CMO interest. This is a challenge we're up for but I do not pretend it's easy. The old saying 'I would've made it shorter but ran out of time' comes to mind. It takes time to focus on the 2, 3, 4 things that really matter to the CMO but that distillation process is what's required, in my view. Always appreciate reading your POV on industry matters / thanks for weighing in here.

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