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Herbert Jack Rotfeld

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Auburn University Professor Herbert Jack Rotfeld has been teaching advertising and marketing courses for over 40 years, noted (among other things) for his iconoclastic assessments of the common "wisdom" about business practices and consumer persuasion that are frequently -- but as he often finds, erroneously -- repeated without question in many textbooks. He coined the term "misplaced marketing" for his book "Adventures in Misplaced Marketing," as well as for essays discussing uses, mistakes, criticisms or common misunderstandings of marketing & advertising activity have been reprinted or translated in the U.S. and other countries. The decade-long editor of Journal of Consumer Affairs (2002-11), he is past president and Fellow of the American Academy of Advertising, plus a recipient of the Kim Rotzoll Award for Advertising Ethics and Social Responsibility, the Ivan Preston Outstanding Contribution to Research in Advertising Award, and the Glenn Howze Academic Freedom Award.

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