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Elise Stieferman

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Elise is the Director of Marketing and Business Strategy at Coegi, an all-in-one premium marketing partner for media professionals seeking a streamlined way to leverage programmatic, social, and search solutions. Coegi enables marketers to become digital heroes among co-workers and clients by empowering them with best-in-class strategies, technologies, and expertise through simplified partnerships. Elise is a tenured marketing professional, having worked across operations, client services, and strategy departments. She leads our marketing and thought leadership efforts, bringing innovative ideas to the forefront for new and existing clients. Elise holds an MBA and a MA in Journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

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  • 4 Ways To Create An Effective Media Strategy by Elise Stieferman (Marketing Insider on 02/22/2022)

    Hey Brad - I hear you. That's why it's critical to have brand safety technologies at marketers' disposal as well as a process for weeding out highly fraudulent inventory. At Coegi, we deploy pre-bid and post-bid brand safety technologies that block IP addresses that are known to have malware or high bot traffic ahead of ad placement. Additionally, we have verification technology running to monitor campaign activity and identify fraudulant activity. This, in addition to consistently updating black lists of 20,000+ known fraudulent inventory, has allowed our team to have less than 1% ad fraud. Programmatic teams that don't have these protections in place are certainly more liable to marketing dollar waste and skewed performance metrics. 

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