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Tuesday, December 24, 2019
  • Judge Dismisses Location Privacy Lawsuit Against Google

    Siding with Google, a federal judge has dismissed claims that the company violated the privacy rights of California Android users by allegedly tracking their … Read the whole story

  • Developers Create App That Tracks Users' Lifetime Value For Marketers

    Company developers built app based on three years of campaign data, as well as emerging methods and technologies that optimize retargeting and reengagement. Read the whole story

  • Vimeo Asks Judge To Send Fight Over Facial Recognition To Arbitration

    An Illinois resident has no right to proceed with a federal class-action lawsuit against Vimeo over allegations that the Magisto app violates the state's … Read the whole story

  • Black Friday Followup: Subverticals Did Well

    The Consumer Electronics sector pulled159.1% higher traffic and generated 660% more revenue, Dynamic Yield reports. Read the whole story