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Monday, November 20, 2017
  • SendGrid Closes IPO With Sale Of 9.4 Million Shares

    SendGrid launched a successful IPO last week, raising $131 million during the first trading day. Read the whole story

  • Firms Fail To Properly Implement DMARC, Study Says

    Companies are vulnerable to email phishing attacks because they have not successfully deployed DMARC, a study finds. Read the whole story

  • Microsoft Offers Product To Help Firms With GDPR Compliance

    Microsoft has debuted Compliance Manager, a tool to help firms meet GDPR requirements and manage their compliance processes. Read the whole story

  • Consumers Search For Black Friday Deals More Than Cyber Monday

    Using data from Google Trends, the maps show the states with the highest amount of searches for eight terms on desktop and mobile. Four … Read the whole story

  • Youngest Generation Growing Up Fast

    There's one (generational) group in particular that's bound to draw a marketer's attention: Gen Z. Though that class of digital and social natives is … Read the whole story