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Monday, April 30, 2018
  • Give Thanks, Mention Trump And Watch Your Open Rates Rise, Study Says

    As on Twitter, Trump drives engagement. So does a simple thank you, CheetahDigital finds. Read the whole story

  • DataFox Launches B2B Inbound Management Tool

    DataFox's new feature is designed to help B2B firms synchronize their lead and account-based marketing and reduce reduce sales-marketing tension. Read the whole story

  • SMBs Use AI For A Variety Of Tasks: Study

    Small businesses are high on automation, according to a new survey by Intuit. Read the whole story

  • Google Cofounder Cautions On The Use Of Artificial Intelligence

    Sergey Brin expressed caution in his annual shareholder letter this year, sharing his thoughts on the company's services and the ability of artificial intelligence … Read the whole story

  • More Americans Deem Internet Bad For Society

    The percentage of Americans that deem the internet a "good thing" for society has fallen to 70% -- down from 76% four years ago … Read the whole story