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Friday, December 28, 2018
  • Big Auto Dealers Are Able To Make Email Work, Study Shows

    Smaller dealers are scoring with paid media and referrals, and larger firms are benefiting from display and email. Read the whole story

  • Google In Limited Release Of Spam Protection Feature

    The new spam protection feature prompts Android users when they open Messages. Read the whole story

  • Archives Show Reluctance To Embrace Email In UK

    John Major's secretary wrote in 1994 that he was cautious about rushing into email use. History has proven him wrong. Read the whole story

  • Google Presses Court To Throw Out 'Vanity Searchers' Privacy Suit

    "They say that search terms reveal private 'interests, fears, desires, vanities' ... but do not explain how the specific searches alleged here do so," … Read the whole story

  • Apple Attracts Android Users With iPhone XR

    For the 30 days following the launch of the iPhone XR in October 2018, Apple has managed to attract more Android users to its … Read the whole story