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Wednesday, August 7, 2019
  • Salesforce Sandbox Data Can Now Be Anonymized With App, Platform Provider Says

    Salesforce Sandbox users can use the app to protect personal data and comply with privacy laws, Odaseva says. Read the whole story

  • Brands See Decline In Creativity From In-Housing, Study Finds

    Email marketing is the task most likely to be in-housed, the UK DMA reports. Read the whole story

  • Lawmakers Question Facebook About Messenger Kids Privacy Glitch

    "The need to protect children who use Messenger Kids and Facebook's promises to parents set a higher bar for privacy and online safety," Sens. ... Read the whole story

  • App Challenges Rise As People Spend More Time In Them

    As app use increases, marketers are building in advanced search features and opt-in push notifications, yet they face high opt-out, poor click-through rates and ... Read the whole story