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Tuesday, September 24, 2019
  • Relevant Messages And Price Drive Travel Bookings, Study Finds

    Travelers want relevant messaging, but almost a third say they're being emailed too frequently, Yes Marketing reports. Read the whole story

  • Personalization A Big Factor In Driving Customer Experience, Study Says

    Content personalization is one of the most effective tactics, but challenges remain -- including trying to improve customer satisfaction, Ascend2 finds. Read the whole story

  • AMA Study Reveals Consumer Fear Of Martech, Both U.S. And China

    An in-depth study of both consumer and marketer sentiment across a wide array of digital media and emerging marketing technology issues reveals that consumers ... Read the whole story

  • Facebook Agrees To Buy CTRL-Labs, Research Focuses On Users Controlling Devices

    At the risk of sending privacy advocates into a panic, Facebook just agreed to buy CTRL-Labs -- a software startup that specializes in letting ... Read the whole story

  • Why SEO Isn't Enough

    Digital agency Aimclear has been treating Google sitelinks in paid ads as a navigational tool to websites for several years. Read the whole story