Email Marketing Daily
Friday, February 19, 2021
  • Vendor Email Compromise Fraud Is Surging, Study Finds

    Firms face an 82% increase in the likelihood of SolarWinds-style vendor email compromise (VEC) attacks in a given week, Abnormal Security reports. Read the whole story

  • B2B Onboarding Firm Onboard Raises $1.25 Million

    The startup claims it is focusing on learning and customer feedback instead of revenue. Read the whole story

  • FTC Urged To Investigate Prodigy Math Game Over Alleged 'Bait-And-Switch' Tactics

    Prodigy Education dupes people by representing that its popular online math game is free, but bombarding young users with ads for a paid version … Read the whole story

  • The Customer Journey To Too Many Discounts

    I'm not convinced that interacting with consumers at every touchpoint is really such a smart idea. Read the whole story