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Thursday, April 29, 2021
  • Iterable Fires CEO Justin Zhu For Taking LSD At Work: Report

    Zhu violated company policy, says co-founder Andrew Boni, who is taking over as CEO. Read the whole story

  • Purchases Grew On Social Media In Last Eight Months: Study

    Consumers say brands should still mention the COVID-19 pandemic in their advertising. Read the whole story

  • Florida Senate Passes Privacy Bill

    Florida's Senate voted 29-11 Thursday in favor a privacy bill that would require companies to allow consumers to opt out of the sale or … Read the whole story

  • Supreme Court Ruling Requires Dismissal Of FTC's Antitrust Case, Facebook Says

    "The Supreme Court's decision and its reasoning support Facebook's argument that the FTC's suit improperly circumvents limits on its authority," the company writes in … Read the whole story